About Us

Commerce Funding LLC


We provide innovative loan programs including; unsecured business loans and no income verification mortgages.

We believe in offering our clients several different loan products that can be tailored fit to the borrower's individual situation. When underwriting a loan, our team will review the borrower's entire history, not just a credit report.

"Commonsense Underwriting"

Commerce Funding LLC focuses on providing loans to; self-employed applicants, investors and business owners. Loan programs for; debt consolidation, working capital, property purchases/refinancing and property improvements.

Think Outside The Bank

Commerce Funding makes commercial lending fast and easy!

Traditional lenders all use the same underwriting protocols when reviewing loan/mortgage applications. They provide a laundry list of required documents and have strict guidelines on; income, credit, net worth etc. Any borrower that does not meet all requirements is declined. This may make sense on an owner occupied single family residential house but, it does not make sense on a commercial property.

Non-traditional borrowers require a non-traditional lender!


Direct Lender & Broker

Commerce Funding LLC offers a wide range of non-traditional financing options. Certain loan programs are funded directly in house while others (mainly long term programs) are brokered to the most competitive lender.


Commerce Funding LLC does not work with any conventional banks or lenders. We offer the most competitive alternative loan programs in the industry for borrowers and businesses of all types and sizes.

Our Promise

Commerce Funding LLC is committed to building relationships with small business owners and investors throughout the United States. Our vast banking network helps our clients receive conditional approvals (with rates and terms) within hours, not weeks.